Terms of Use

  • The renter(s) will use the rented premises, furniture and equipment as stipulated in the rental agreement and is/are responsible for any damage or loss that occurs in the premises during the term of the agreement.
  • Lessee(s) shall maintain the Leased Premises and return the Leased Premises in a clean condition and in accordance with the Lease at the end of the Lease Term. If items are broken or damaged, the owner may demand their replacement value.
  • The tenant(s) shall avoid any excessive noise that may disturb the neighbors, especially that emitted by radio, television and other equipment.
  • The tenant(s) shall have no recourse against the owner in the event of theft or looting in the rented premises. He/she/they respects the maximum number of people that can enter the premises, according to the description given to him/her/it.
  • The tenant(s) cannot oppose the inspection of the premises if the owner or his/her representative requests it.
  • The premises are not rented as a primary residence or for mixed professional and primary residential use. The premises are rented furnished on a seasonal basis.
  • The tenant is obliged to take responsibility for the rental risks and to compensate the owners for any damage and/or deterioration that is his responsibility. In this regard, he can take out an insurance policy covering the main risks (rental liability, costs of interruption of stay, repatriation, etc.). 
  • In case of litigation, the court of the owner's residence is the only competent court.